Aftercare Info

Aftercare Enrollment Information for 2024-2025

Open Enrollment begins February 15, 2024. Please click on the following link for Aftercare Enrollment  AFTERCARE ENROLLMENT APPLICATION

I am so excited to continue offering aftercare!

Aftercare guidelines: Aftercare guidelines are changing slightly for next year. We will continue to offer aftercare at the low rate of $130/month.


There is a separate enrollment form for aftercare so please be sure to fill out both forms correctly.

Students will be required to bring their own lunch in a lunchbox labeled with their name along with a drink to go with their lunch. The food must be “ready to eat” and not require reheating, etc. We are happy to open containers and yogurts, etc.

All students will be participating in “Quiet Time”-they do not have to sleep but they will have some supervised, quiet, resting time.

Crafts, games, as well as structured and unstructured play time will be provided. If the weather permits, we will utilize the playground as well as the gym for recreational time.

Students will remain at school and be escorted to appropriate “aftercare” areas at regular Preschool dismissal time at 11:30, and must be picked up promptly at 2:30 pm.

Again, please feel free to reach out with any questions and/or concerns!

Thanks, as always, for your support and cooperation! -Marissa Hensley, directorAlert

Here's what some of our parents are saying about us...

 "When we enrolled our 2 year old daughter in the Little Learners class we knew she’d be around other children her age and would learn new things. But this preschool program has done so much more for her than we could have anticipated. Our daughter is gaining more and more confidence each day and she is learning so much! Not only academics, but about Jesus and about being a good person and friend. Before coming to St. James West, she did not swing on a regular big kid swing and she avoided big slides, she struggled with gross motor skills like stairs and climbing and her playtime at home was very dependent on her dad and I. After just the first month or two, she was able to accomplish all of these gross motor activities and navigate challenges more confidently. She happily plays on her own at home more often now and truly seems more joyful. We saw positive changes in our little girl right away and we are so thankful we found St. James West. Our daughter loves the friends she has made and she is excited to see her teachers each day. You can tell the director and teachers truly care for the students and they go out of their way to know each one. We love St. James West and we are honored to be part of it!" -C.S.

"I have had 2 of my children attend St. James Preschool in the past 3 years and the whole family has enjoyed the experience! My oldest daughter attended St. James preschool for 2 consecutive years before she headed off to kindergarten last fall. The tasks and lessons she learned at St. James has had such a great influence on her progress her first year of kindergarten. She’s excelling in all subjects! My youngest daughter started her first year of little learners last fall and since then her vocabulary, social skills, learning her colors and ABC’s has come such an long way! She looks forward to going to school to see her friends and play and learn! The teachers and staff are absolutely wonderful in all aspects! They are very involved with the kiddos and make their time at school fun and educational at the same time! Every school morning the kids are so ready to get inside and start their fun filled days! Knowing your children are having fun, learning and be so well taken care of is comforting for worried parents. Being a Christian based preschool it is a great start for children to start developing their faith and relationship with God. I would highly recommend St. James to all parents considering enrolling their children !" -L.M.